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Heating Repair and Furnace Installation in Loveland, Colorado

Installation and repair of your heating and furnace system are specialties of the expert technicians here at Air Waves, LLC. A proper working heating system is imperative for all properties, no matter the weather.

Having been in business since 1992, we are highly experienced at dealing with every aspect of furnace installation. Every time we fit a heater in your home, we will provide you with a four inch high filter. We take customer service seriously and offer discounts on any service if you mention our website.

We are based in Loveland, Colorado, and will travel to your home if you want a furnace installed. Our technical employees will calculate the heat load in your property so they choose the correct size of heater to fit.

Our team will always go over the various options open to a home owner, and we recommend they choose a variable speed furnace, which contains an indoor blower motor that moves at different speeds to control the flow of heated and cooled air in the home.

After the furnace has been installed, we will carry out a duct cleaning so the duct is as good as new. We will also tune the furnace to factory specifications to optimize performance so it meets and exceeds local and government standards.

Whatever permits are required for the installation, we will work with the relevant authorities and carry out the paperwork to take any stress off individual home owners.

As a heating contractor for 24 years we are one of the most experienced in northern Colorado and you can rely on us to carry out furnace installation, maintenance and repair work in a professional manner.

So if you find yourselves in need of our services then waste no time – call Air Waves, LLC today on (970) 237-6106 and take advantage of the best in the business.

Furnace Repair

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